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Diane Duguid

SQA Higher Maths? Why Us?

With the vast array of material available for free on the internet, why would you, as a parent or student living in Scotland, want to consider Intelligent Learning Solutions for your go-to maths revision resource this exam season?

There are several reasons why, but in summary here are the top reasons:

Created by Maths Teachers

Our maths revision resources are written by Teachers who've taught Higher Maths, so we know what we're talking about!

We know what you need to know (and what isn't necessary to pass the exam)!

We show you the pitfalls to look out for, explain what you need to show to get those marks, all in a way that we already know will make sense to you.

An all-in-one resource to save you time and stress

Imagine not having to wade through endless online videos, hoping that somewhere in the next 20 mins you'll find the explanation you need, in non-mathsy language, at exactly the standard you need? Or the one fact that's escaping you right now was just at your fingertips, only a couple of clicks away? On your phone? 24/7? That's what our App offers you.

We show you what you need to know

This is not yet another colourful digital textbook throwing maths jargon at you, ILS is a truly interactive online resource, with the student's needs front and centre. We speak your language and know what you need to do, showing you how to pass your SQA Higher Maths exam.

A picture paints a thousand words; we've gone beyond that. Combining our teaching skills with animations that carefully explain the way through each topic, we show you what you need to know instead of simply telling you. We are proud to stand by our claim of creating a ground-breaking resource.

We show you how to understand the maths; we believe that

If you understand it, you can never un-learn it!

You're in Control

We understand that every student is different, learns at a different pace and their revision is their own personal journey; our App has been designed with this in mind.

Dip in and out of the info, take things at your own pace and revise when it suits you - with our one-fact-per-page setup, you control when you're ready to move on.

Not sure of something? Go back a little - every page is instantly accessible from the menu on the left.

Need a break? Immediately pick up where you left off, later.

Try an example for yourself? step-by-step on how to do it is under your control.

Questions for you to try? All have fully worked solutions, plus those extra hints and tips that make all the difference.

It's like having an on-call, pocket teacher, on your terms, speaking your language.


Need more practice? Every topic has a section with links to approved 3rd party sites; you'll find even more questions to try, confident we've already checked the standard for you - but we can't promise you'll thank us for their quality of presentation!

Past papers? not only are there Exam Tips, but past questions, with worked solutions, showing you the how, what, why, where and when the marks are awarded.


Try a FREE 3 day trial of all 14 topics to see if ILS is right for you by clicking here and signing up to receive your exclusive download.

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